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Welcome to www.chinashoeswholesaler.com

xxxxxxxx.com Trade CO.,LTD-the supplier of top-quality with competitive price: 

 Order more than or equal 6 items will get wholesale price, free shipping and discount.

Order 6-12 items: will get the prices marked on the website. 

Order 13-24 items: will get 3% off. 

Order 25-36 items: will get 6% off. 

Order 37-48 items: will get 9% off. 

Order 49-60 items: will get 11% off. 

Order over 60 items: will get 12% off.

We also can negotiate the price when you order in bulk!

There is no minimum order from us, 1 piece is ok, but it needs extra shipping cost if you order less than 6items, then the shipping cost is decrease with growth of your items.

If there are any questions, please contact with us!

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